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The “Funny Farm”is home to a space that provides humans and animals the opportunity for love and listening. Sounds corny right? That’s right … we go for corny … we go for loving … listening … caring … wholesome … but we also go for fun … a lot of fun … a lot of laughter … a lot of whatever it is you want to feel, be, and experience.

We are home to barnyard animals that have come to heal past and present struggles in the company of people that are dedicated to creating a space of healing for these animals and for each of us. Many animals come from difficult backgrounds that include mistreatment, hunger, loneliness, and or neglect; but many of these animals come from homes of love, caring, and compassion; where circumstances may have changed and the animals need a new home. The one thing all of these animals have in common? They have come to “The Funny Farm” to experience what it feels like to be loved, cared for, respected, and to live with dignity.

When talking about creating the “Funny Farm” we not only had an incredible passion for the animals, but we wanted to share the opportunity for healing with all walks of life, particularly kids in our community. There are many programs out there that “use” animals to facilitate healing in people; our philosophy is that people and animals can heal together…many have walked the same path, let’s use this path to create healing opportunities for us all!

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