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Since opening the Funny Farm in the fall of 2014, we have had many kids and their teachers, caregivers, and workers visit us at the farm. We have groups that come once as a field trip, monthly, weekly and twice weekly. Although we enjoy every group that comes through...we really enjoy the kids that come to make a connection with the animals and the farm. Kids that have a higher purpose to coming to the farm, even if they don't know it!


The deeper connection made between animal and person, the deeper the healing and the greater the touch on the soul. Every person that comes to the Funny Farm is treated with respect, honour, and passion. As passionate as we are about the healing of the animals; we are that passionate about the connection with the kids!


We have formed a great relationship with the Langley School District which has allowed and cultivated the relationship between their students and the Funny Farm. We have many schools that encourage their kids to come and experience the animal human connection and we wish many more kids to witness this experience.



+ Shortreed Elementary

+ Apex High School

+ Stafford Middle School

+ Langley Secondary School

+ Betty Gilbert Middle School

+ RE Mountain Secondary

+ James Hill Elementary School

+ Langley Education Centre



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