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The "Funny Farm" is staffed by incredible, caring, loving, and dedicated people that truly care.


Our animals are cared for by all of the amazing people that visit the farm throughout the week. There are only 2 people that get up close and poopsonal with the animals, Steve and Bri; they win the prize for stall cleaners extraordinaire!  They care for them in every sense of the word: they groom them, clean them, clean up after them, love them, listen to them, but most of all...they give them the space to live out their lives in dignity.


We are incredibly lucky to welcome John as our King of the BEE BARN. He is the beekeeper and teacher to many and much much more! John has developed a number of opportunities for kids in our community to learn the art of Beekeeping. She is also working with the youth to create a sustainable business producing, marketing, and selling honey related products. The proceeds of the sales will be used to support the participating youth in pursuing a career in the beekeeping world.

Steve Perry is "the Guy" at the farm! He is our resident Youth Care Worker who is happiest when the farm is bustling with kids, youth workers, SEA's, teachers, Counsellors, parents, guardians, and anyone else that wants to enjoy the "farm life". Steve always has a smile on his face, and crazy love and compassion for children and youth. 


The farm operations and programs are overseen by Bri Morisset. She, with her 3 kids Jax, Neely, and Max, will be seen at the farm during most un-program days. She is the contact for "un-programs" and for any inquiries to the farm.

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