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The latest addition to the fun at the Funny Farm is the BEE BARN. The BEE BARN is ...of course.. a colorful semi-circle of 24 hives of honeybees. These bees have come to the Funny Farm with a true does everything else in this life!


"hey beebutt,  here comes the weirdos in white with all the smoke”….."yeah beekind they think they trick us into thinking its a forest fire but we know its just time to show them our butts and eat a lot of honey”…..”what do you think jaxabee”…..”weelllll, i think we should at least fly around a lot because that makes them nervous”……

The Funny Farm has 24 hives with about 80,000 boy and girl bees and 1 queen in each hive….the worker bees are all girls and only the girls have stingers….most bees live about 3 months and the pollinators collect less than a teaspoon of honey in their lifetime….the queen can live for 4 years but is usually replaced after 2 years with a younger and more productive queen….

“beebutt, do you think we should sting someone”…."i don`t think so beekind, because if we do we will die and i think we should have some fun first”…..”hey jaxabee, do you and neelybee want to dive bomb some of the people in the funny white suits”…….”sure sometimes we can even make them run away and they look so weird, maybe thats why they call it the funny farm”……

the beekeeping program is an amazing display of mother natures gift and a great opportunity to play in the magical world of bees…..”hey beebutt, maybe we can train our beekeeper wannabees to bee gentle with us so we can make lots of honey to share with them”…..”yeah beekind, and teach them you get more bees with honey and a lot of love”……..


This is a multi dimensional project at the funny farm. The 'pay it forward' component of the farm with the intention to provide educational opportunities for the kids that are part of the Funny Farms 'unprograms'.

Want to be part of the BEE  BARN? Do you want to purchase all natural honey bee products in support of our community's youth?


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