Bee Fun! Bee Nice! Bee Crazy!

Bee Happy! Bee Kind! Bee YOU!



The "Bee Fun Women's Society" was founded by a group of Women, whole heartedly supported by men, to bring community to the 1st World! Our intention is to create a sense of community, belonging, giving, receiving, and most of all fun to communities all over the world...what better way to start than with ourselves!


The Bee Fun girls support initiatives throughout the world through the sale of gift baskets. The products that make up the gift baskets are created by Artisans from Uganda, Ghana, Honduras, and Langley. Each product is chosen with the intention of supporting women, men, and children in creating a sustainable economic position for themselves and their communities. The products are all bought at above local market value.


The pride, sense of accomplishment, and pure joy that goes into making these products is empowering in itself, add to that the economic benefits and this "gift of conscious giving" is irreplaceable.


To witness the joy and empowerment, please check out the videos on the Bee Fun homepage or inquire for further stories.


Sustainable Projects Supported by

Bee Fun Women's Network