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There are no truer words to us than..."plant the seed and water it...let's see what grows!" These words are what we are using to build the Funny Fun Farm. We have taken a delapidated property in need of some TLC...given it the necessary TLC and tonnes more...and we are waiting to see what happens!


We now have a beautiful facility that is home to baryard animals that have been adopted from various situations...some have been abused, some have been neglected, some have been malnourished, some have been loved to the fullest ability of their owners...they ALL have come to the Funny Fun Farm to live a life of respect and dignity. We also serve as a foster facility where we provide a place of wellness for animals in transition from one home to another.


We beleive that people and animals can heal together...many have walked the same path, let's use this path to create healing opportunities for us all!


Part of the beauty of being the “Funny Fun Farm” is that we operate on the basis of trust. Trust that people and animals will find each other, listen to each other, love each other, trust each other, heal each other, and form special bonds with each other. Not necessarily in that order.


We are not open to the public. We believe that the animals that have come to live at the Funny Fun Farm have earned a life of MUTUAL love, respect, and dignity; not a one way petting zoo. In this philospohy, and in concert with the Langley School Foundation; we have created specific opportunities for kids in the Langley School District as well as other special interest groups to be part of The Funny Fun Farm.


For further information regarding the specific programs we offer through the Langley School Foundation, please contact us via the contact page.


To inquire about possible un-programs for your group, please contact us via the contact page.

Want to visit the Funny Farm? Want to be part of the fun? Contact Bri below...


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