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Be One - The Ultimate in Conscious Giving! $129.00

This is the ultimate way to support ALL of our partners, around the world. You will be getting over $200 worth of globally sourced hand made products, all purchased with sustainability and youth empowerment as our goal. All of our baskets come with 'our story' the story of why we do what we do and how you can be a part of creating community, starting right in your own backyard!

*To purchase please fill out the Contact Form with your order details and we will contact you within 24 hours*

Be One - The Ultimate in Conscious Giving! $129.00

The Fully loaded Basket that gives from all of our supporting partners!

* Packaged beautifully in a hand woven basket from Uganda - Love is the Answer
* 1 lb Gift Wrapped Bag of Coffee - Godoy's Coffee OR
* 1 Tea Box - Justea
* 1/2 Pound of Pure, local Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey - Funny Farm
* Small local unpasteurized honey taurine - Funny Farm
* Small Deco Candle made with 100% pure local beeswax - Funny Farm
* 1 Set of 3 100% pure local beeswax tealights - Funny Farm
* Hand carved wooden heart candle filled with 100% pure local beeswax - Love is the Answer
* Handcarved Beaded Spoon - Kenyan Carvers
* Locally produced large organic chocolate bar - East Van Roasters
* Set of 5 Handmade notecards by Orphaned children in Uganda - Love is the Answer

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