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Bee Fun Baskets for Purchase

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Be Kind - Good Treats, Good Eats! $79.00

The foodies will love this one! With treats from our local beeyard, to made-from-scratch organic chocolate squares, topped off with both tea and coffee from Kenya and Guatemala, there is a little treat for everyone in this food inspired basket!

Be One - The Ultimate in Conscious Giving! $129.00

This is the ultimate way to support ALL of our partners, around the world. You will be getting over $200 worth of globally sourced hand made products, all purchased with sustainability and youth empowerment as our goal. All of our baskets come with 'our story' the story of why we do what we do and how you can be a part of creating community, starting right in your own backyard!

Be You - A Basket Full of Candles! $129.00

Candles Galore...A baskets full of 100% pure locally sourced beeswax. Our hand carved heart candles (1 large and 1 small) are carved by apprentice carvers in Uganda and lovingly filled at the Funny Farm with 100% local beeswax. Along with the wood heart candles are a beeswax pillar candle, a deco flower candle, and 2 sets of 3 100% beeswax tealights (1 large set and 1 regular set).

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Hand Carved Beeswax Candles! $39.95 LG and $22.50 SM

These hand carved wood heart candles are more than just a beautiful candle. They are an opportunity to support two amazing carpenters in Uganda who are mentoring young boys and men in the craft of carpentry. It is an opportunity to be a part of the beekeeping program at the funny farm, where youths are learning about sustainability through beekeeping and entrepreneurship through candle making.

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Just the Basket - A Basket Awaiting Your Items! $35.00

Do you have your own items in mind for a gift, but want more than a gift bag? Do you have an eye for design and want to use these amazing baskets in your hone decor? Our Ugandan friends have an unbelievable imagination for colour and pattern. If you have specific colours you are hoping for...we probably have them!

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