Bee Fun! Bee Nice! Bee Crazy!

Bee Happy! Bee Kind! Bee YOU!

Give a Gift of Conscious Giving...


Because we can have more fun, share more laughter, give more hugs, bee more colourful and live more AWEsomely when we share and create beautiful things together...


These beautiful handcrafted baskets are filled with special items from near and far that continue to give to others even after the basket has been unwrapped…


Each basket is a story within a story… creating lasting impact for women, youth, and their communities:

  • Women’s groups in Ghana who are basket artisans, tea proprietors and producers of Shea Butter

  • Women & orphaned children in Uganda making one-of-a-kind hand-woven baskets.

  • Independent coffee farmers & their families in Honduras, with limited access to education and healthcare

  • Youth in Langley, BC connecting, laughing & playing while learning about beekeeping and sustainability.

A Beautiful Gift to Give or Recieve


Please take a moment to share in the love and energy in which these items were made. … Now get comfortable, turn up the volume and click below to learn about the producers